Since I first started teaching 7 years ago one of my favourite things has been seeing all the variations my lovely students make.

Annie's Organic Link Necklace

Annie’s Organic Link Necklace

When I am teaching a class I always have examples to show the technique and ideas of a final piece. At the start of a new project I always break down each technique into small chunks and demonstrate each section.

Claire's Bracelet and Necklace Set

Claire’s Bracelet and Necklace Set




While I always have examples to show I always encourage creativity as I am aware everyone’s tastes are different and the most important thing is that you are creating jewellery you or a loved one will treasure and want to wear everyday!

One of the best examples I have to demonstrate this is the Beginners Silver Jewellery Making Project- Making a Silver Link Chain.  I have worn my take on this project for years and it really opens up the students eyes to how creative they can be, creating different shaped links, using a mixture of shaped wires, using the tools to create textures etc.

Beginners Silver Chain Necklaces

Beginners Silver Chain Necklaces

This is first bigger project we do on the Beginners course after spending the first five weeks learning techniques and seeing how everyone has grown and become more confident in that short time always gives me a real buzz!

Whats your favourite thing about jewellery making? I’d love to hear from you so feel free to send me an email or drop me a message on the Facebook page 🙂